A Few Tips to Avoid Sibling Rivalry

Just a couple quick thoughts today. To attempt to avoid sibling rivalry from the start:

1. When big brother or sister visits the hospital to meet the new baby, mom should not be holding baby. Leave baby in bassinet, off in the corner. Allow big brother/sister to hug and kiss mom and wait for him/her to ask about baby. If baby is in moms arms, it is an instant intruder – and someone will say “be careful of the baby”.
2. Babies are pretty durable. Everyone needs to stop saying “be careful”. After hearing this over and over, big brother/sister will give up!!
3. Before baby is born, go to the Dollar Store and buy lots of inexpensive gifts for older child. Wrap them and keep in a box by the door. When a visitor brings a gift for baby, hand them one of the small gifts for older child. Cuts down on gift envy.
4. Buy a few items for the older child that you can play with while breast feeding. Make a breast feeding box. The toys in the box (books, flash cards…) can only be played with while baby is nursing. This gives the older child one on one time with mom while nursing. Instead of mom worrying about what older child is doing during feeding time, it becomes quality play time.