Allergic to Breast Milk – NOT!!!

Many moms stop breastfeeding because they think or are told that their baby is allergic to their breast milk. Baby may be spitting up, colicky, constipated, whatever.
Well, the truth….baby cannot be allergic to mom’s breast milk, but can be intolerant of something mom is eating.
I am not a believer that moms should avoid certain foods just because she is nursing. Things like chocolate (years ago, my 3 year old son thought if I ate chocolate, I would produce chocolate milk for his baby sister), spicy foods, etc. are fine. I suggest that moms try everything and see what happens. Often if a food upsets mom’s stomach, it will upset baby. Mom can try a food, nurse baby and if baby gets upset tummy, mom knows to avoid that food – but try it every so often as things might change. Another sign of baby intolerance is green baby poop.
My daughter could not tolerate Nacho Cheese Doritos – one of my favorites!
I think the hardest intolerance is baby not tolerating cows milk. If this happens, mom usually needs to stop all dairy intake. This includes milk, ice cream, yogurt, cheese – you get the idea. It takes a couple days of this diet change to see a difference in baby. Again, this intolerance to dairy is often outgrown.


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