Let’s Talk About Thrush


One of the things that can cause a mom to stop breast feeding is thrush. 

Thrush is caused by yeast. Yeast thrives in a warm, moist, dark environment.  Examples of this environment – baby’s mouth and mom’s nipple. 

Many mom’s get antibiotics while they are in labor. The antibiotics set mom and baby up to get yeast. 

Symptoms of yeast in baby: white patches inside the mouth that look like milk but will not wipe off. 

Symptoms of yeast in mom – very red nipples that feel like they are on fire. 

 All too often, mom takes baby to the doctor and gets Nystatin suspension to treat the thrush. But mom is not treated. Even if mom does not have symptoms, she should be treated to  prevent giving the yeast to each other. 

Treatment may be putting the Nystatin in the baby’s mouth just before nursing.  This will allow for the transfer of the Nystatin to the nipple. This is not the most effective treatment. 

The most effective treatment is Diflucan, oral medication. Both mom and baby have to be put on the medication at the same time.. It is completely safe for baby. 

Mom’s nipples may be very sore. Putting ice on the nipple to dull the pain may help.. Mom may also want to wear a nipple shield for a few days to make nursing more tolerable.

Hope this is helpful. 



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