Breast Feeding is not profitable!!

I understand that breast feeding is, of course, best for mom and babe.  But it is not best for the medical professionals or the pharmaceutical companies. Let me explain……….

Breast fed babies are healthier.  No matter how bad we want to believe that health care professional are in the business of caring for us – remember that it is a BUSINESS and they have to be profitable.  So……breast fed babies are healthier and require less physician visits.  And that equals less reimbursment for the doctors.  There has to be illness to produce phsycian visits to produce profit. 

Breast feeding is not really taught in medical school.  Most, not all, physicans know very little about supporting a breast feeding mom and with the hurry up society we live in, it is far easier to tell a mom that she is “not producing enough milk” and instuct her to give formula.  Breast feeding can be time consuming to learn and breast feeding moms need support – that is my passion – to supprt breast feeding.  I have done it for over 40 years – and it does not have to be done in person – it can be done by email, phone, text,,.,,,

My next blog will be about medications and breast feeding.  Just a teaser……formula compaines are owned by pharmeuceutical compaines (who made medicines).

If you need assist or support with your breast feeding, comment here with your email address or email me at


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