Can I have my epidural at 36 weeks??

I was often asked when I taught expectant parent classes – what will labor be like? There is no answer to that question. Every labor is unique and we all experience pain differently.
The positive thing is that we have options – from no interventions at all to epidural. The important thing is that we educate ourselves, make our wishes known and then realize that we lose all control when the sperm meets the egg.
I believe that a birth plan is a good idea as long as you understand that it is not written in stone. It is vital that the plan is discussed with your physician or midwife.
A word that can not be used when planning a birth is “never”. I heard so often, “I wil NEVER have an epidural, don’t let me have one”. Then the poor partner gets berated during the labor when mom changes her mind. Every labor is different. Never say never.
I will be writing much more in the near future about birth options, the role of the coach, labor support, doulas, etc. Please leave comments with your questions and personal experiences.


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